'Comeback' NU'EST, official photo revealed..fresh charm

"'Football'And 'dream' For" 'With online car car make number' Golden Harvest And the municipal→Baekho up coalesce

New East W Baekho 'Close-Up on your call handsome'

Hwang Min-hyun - Baekho, handsome lover beside or handsome pet

NU'EST The complete comeback, Hwang Min-hyun "Now You Wanna One, not the 'NU'EST'"

New East W Baekho 'Frankfurt Airport from the photoshoot~'

New East W Baekho, one in the winter, to give wrong ripping application

New East W 'Night in Shining Romance looks'

Baekho, the next state is also handsome.

Baekho, 'Jim is simply~'

New East W Baekho 'Youth KBS Drama Special like a Departure'

NU'ESTW. 'No name please'

"Cheerful + sexy" .. NU'ESTW Kim Jonghyeon X Kang Dong-ho, Unique atmosphere

New East W, full of affection Baekho Happy Birthday "I want to bite you."

NU'ESTW "I have nothing to fight with my members after I'm grown up"

Nu'ESTW Aaron, no expression is attractive too!

Nu'ESTW Aaron, no expression is attractive too!

NU'ESTW Rennes, intelligent eyes!

NU'ESTW Baekho, Hand greeting