Bae Doona 'Chic expressionless even prettier..'

Bae Doona 'A delightful smile' (the Drug King Production report society)

Bae Doona 'Questions to the reporter and eyes, perfect manners~'

Bae Doona 'Standing only because of the Aura with patience'

Kim So-jin 'More'

Kang-Ho Song - Jo Jung-suk 'The Face Reader at the Met again.'

Bae Doona, 'Autumn girl'

Kang-Ho Song 'Bae Doona to help with the fun that is'

Jo Jung-suk 'Awesome new love'

Bae Doona 'Bread with French fries~'

Bae Doona 'Preservatives Beautiful looks here~'

Jo Jung-suk 'Sense of Justice overflowing eyes'

Bae Doona 'The Cat Rose with a smile back.'

Jo Jung-suk 'Spider and caught the visual'

Jo Jung-suk - Kang-Ho Song - Bae Doona 'The Bishop uncovered, and laugh at honk'

Bae Doona, Comforter and Comforter

Bae Doona 'Why am I only ashamed'

Kang-Ho Song "'Drug King'Of the Drug King."

Bae Doona 'Always a pure image of the girls'