Bae Doona 'Chic expressionless even prettier..'

Bae Doona 'A delightful smile' (the Drug King Production report society)

Kang-Ho Song - Jo Jung-suk 'The Face Reader at the Met again.'

Bae Doona, 'Autumn girl'

Bae Doona 'Standing only because of the Aura with patience'

Bae Doona 'Questions to the reporter and eyes, perfect manners~'

Kang-Ho Song 'Bae Doona to help with the fun that is'

Jo Jung-suk 'Awesome new love'

Kim So-jin 'More'

Bae Doona 'The Cat Rose with a smile back.'

Jo Jung-suk 'Spider and caught the visual'

Jo Jung-suk - Kang-Ho Song - Bae Doona 'The Bishop uncovered, and laugh at honk'

Bae Doona 'Bread with French fries~'

Bae Doona, Comforter and Comforter

Bae Doona 'Why am I only ashamed'

Bae Doona 'Preservatives Beautiful looks here~'

Jo Jung-suk 'Sense of Justice overflowing eyes'

Kang-Ho Song "'Drug King'Of the Drug King."

Bae Doona 'Always a pure image of the girls'