Bae Doona 'Fascinating eyes'

"Mysterious her" .. Bae Doona, fascinating atmosphere

Bae Doona 'Because of the strong wind, Boy George is not even ahead of me.'

'Secret Forest' by Jo Seung-woo, "Season"

'Secret Forest' won TV Grand Prize

'World Press Photo of the Year' Jo Seung-woo "'Smurfs: The Lost Village'If you go until season 5"

"Fascinating femininity" .. Bae Doona, stunning flawless eyes

"Be intense" .. Bae Doona, a lively and flawless 'Red lip'

Bae Duna "I came to support mama" (special dinner)

Bae Duna "Momma Congratulations" (Special Dinner)

'Fashion Shining in Paris'