Korea's representative music platform Soribada held by the '2020 Soribada Awards'Popularity Award Voting are in full swing with the lives of popular male idol they are playing and are.

BTS V, 'Together with the red bean Shaved ice you want to eat man Idol' # 1 crowned

"7 colors of charm" BTS, Japan edition Vogue 8 sign decoration

BTS from EXO, any hero until..'2020 Soribada Awards' this Voting started

EXO and BTS→Im Young-woong..'2020 Soribada Awards' this Voting open

'Soribada Awards' this Voting →Kang Daniel with EXO and BTS, etc player

'Soribada Awards' main prize Voting begins, EXO and BTS and TWICE with any hero player

Kim Yo-han "Soon the debut 1st anniversary, role model=BTS each"

Jimin # 1, boy group personal brand reputation is world class..2 for EXO Baekhyun

BTS Jimin, 6 monthly group personal brand reputation 1..EXO Baekhyun # 2

Jimin No. 1, 6 January idol personal brand reputation 2 for EXO Baekhyun and # 3 BTS Jungkook

'Soribada Awards' Bonsang and Popularity Award Voting open, EXO and BTS, etc Nominate

EXO and BTS and Im Young-woong, such as '2020 Soribada Awards' nominees revealed

Im Young-woong and Song Ga-in→BTS and EXO, 'Small Awards' Nominate

EXO and BTS such as the '2020 Soribada Awards' Nominate

'2020 Soribada Awards' Bonsang and Popularity Award Voting open..EXO and BTS and TWICE nominated for the

BTS V, Massage receiving Suga is next in the heartwarming Miso..'Handsome'

BTS V and Park Bo-gum, 'Wheelie House' star is the same nature appeared on you?

'Wheelie House' Steel Palace PD "Park Bo-gum and BTS V and Park Bo-young relations and the"