Biggs Mr. Leo go through Dream and pure to the exclusive Aura emanates said.

Bae Doona 'Standing only because of the Aura with patience'

TVXQ, 'The Duo's grade a different Aura'

Hitomi Honda (Izone) 'And to also reveal that Aura'

Ju Ji-hoon, from a distance, feel the Aura

Soo, 'Exclusive Aura'

Hwang Min-hyun, a Prince Aura to chew them up

"She, Intense Pure"..Song Hye-kyo, beautiful goddess

Yeo Jin-goo 'Away from the feel of the actor's Aura'

TVXQ Yunho, 'Exploding Aura'

Park Jihoon 'Far from Happy Jump - Endless Arcade Aura'

Kang So-ra, brunch, had some Beautiful looks I'm not gonna 'Goddess Aura'

BLACKPINK Rose Dog Inn Teaser..Dodo+advanced Aura

BTS Jungkook, A that can't be Aura

Monsta X-Type, the mask in the CANNOT a Scion Aura

Song Hye-kyo, I believe that perfect Beautiful looks..'Beauty brand and Model of the other Aura'

Han Hye-jin, 'Man Aura'

Park Ji-yeon, away from the compelling Aura