Korean Wave, and Dark & ​​amp; Wild's military service exception

"Dark & ​​amp; Wild, would you be a good soldier?" .. In the end,

"Oh Ji-hwan and Seong-Jin Cho become the reason why Dark & ​​amp; Can not Wild"

Kim Chang-yul, Sohn Heung-min, Lee Seung-woo and Hwang Ui-jo, etc. "Thanks to happiness"

"Dark & ​​amp; Wild is also a national highland" .. Military service exception Reason (general)

'AG sparks controversy' Military service exemption,

86-year-old Gray, Lee Seung-woo,

Son Heung-min refers to exemption and Dark & ​​amp; Wild enlisted .. Why?

"Sohn Heung-min, why not BTS?" Military service exception