Izone Anju, uniform wear is unmistakably 'High School New'

Group Izone Anju this member, Kang Hye-won, and was proud.

Izone Anju, 'As to the Bobbed hair over and'

Izone Anju, 'An elegant goodbye to Japan Well I'll see you.'

Izone Anju, 'Neat deer eyes'

Izone Anju, 'The same broken visage' (Airport fashion)

Izone Anju 'CF girl's smile~'

Izone Jang Won-young 'I called?'

Izone Hitomi Honda 'Chic eyes'

Beautiful garden Sakura 'Doll-like next.'

Business support Chapter members 'Unique zipper skirt'

Beautiful condition glass - top craft, or 'Lovely looks'

Girl group 'Izone'of Anju this 15 Afternoon Seoul MAPO-GU Sangam-Dong CJ ENM Center in Mnet 'M! COUNTDOWN' broadcast pre-rehearsal to attend a posing.

Izone Anju, 'Refreshing, pure kids Desk.'

Anju 'Izone of shiny-eyed'

Anju, 'Fatal Beauty'

Izone Anju this 11 14 afternoon, a GU, janghang Dong Ilsan MBC Dream Center open in MBC Music Live broadcast of 'Show Champion' backstage at expand.

Izone Chapter members, Anju this and 11 13 p.m. in Seoul, MAPO-GU, Sangam-Dong SBS Prism Tower held at SBS MTV 'The Show' live broadcast from The Show early to get a smile.

Chapter members - Anju '1, in a surprised rabbit eyes'

Group Izone this on the radio first appeared.