"Ailee singing the open window" Hyun Bin, 2019 Seoul Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation/08 sex. Taiwan・Hong Kong schedule

Monsta X democratic reform 'Wonderful to full of'

New East W Baekho 'Frankfurt Airport from the photoshoot~'

Ailee 'Even at night, you give not sunglasses'

Ailee, cold legs

Ailee, sharp V-Line, Beautiful looks

Ailee, sunglasses over the beach that Deva's eyes

Rapper Tiger JK with this album for introduction.

Lyrics by Luke Twice Summer Party by Wheesung

"Not molded" .. Ailee, a pair of double eyelids,

Ailee, 'Report a red slip'

Ailee 'A soft smile'

"I was thin again."