'Running Man' Yoo Jae Suk "Jeon So-min, Physician with Admission Bright will come back"

Jeon So-min side "Admission, Corona 19 and is Free"→'Running Man' side "Month rest for"(comprehensive)

Lee Kwang-Soo, the vehicle contact the accident Admission→'Running Man' recording Boycott..the fans 'Worry about+Cheering'

This popular water-side "Accident to ankle fractures, Admission treatment.. 'Running Man' Recording Boycott" (official)

'Running Man' side, "This is a Accident you Admission, recording participation, discuss whether the"(Official position)

Kim Jae-Joong is Admission to the fact informed.

Jung Il-woo best friend Lee Min-ho and took a trip to the injustice of the Accident and you were to confide in me.

"Song Hye-kyo, Beauty New York City Chelsea College of Arts short courses Admission"..Hong Kong media convey status

Hong Kong media, "Song Hye-kyo, New York City, the Chelsea College of Arts short courses Admission"

Girls ' Generation Taeyeon, Hogwarts Admission for the blonde? "Muggle people"

World as the popular BTS(BTS) member Jimin's incredible history and talent in this topic.

IU "'My uncle' I decided to get off, and I was physically and mentally tough."

'Joy of conversation' IU '' My uncle 'I was about to leave.'

Seven minor questions about IU

Jung Yong-hwa, Unsolicited entrance No suspicion, no suspicion .. 'End of controversy for 9 months'

Jung Yong-hwa, Unsolicited entrance Uncensored .. Prosecution "There was no business interrupt intention."

Momo Land Ji, the first black hair debut for "Real men", "I will do my best."

Joe We 'The beauty of making the shutter sound breathless ~' (My name is Kangnam beauty)

"Pretty, big." .. Jin Ji-hee, a beautiful university student