Comedian Nam Hee-Seok baseball player Hyun-jin Ryu and take the certification released a photo.

①Jung Woo-sung "5 6 - +25 years, but the first blue dragon smoke more Awards..'hate of'This was"(Interview)

②Jung Woo-sung "The first Blue Dragon starring Salman Khan more Awards than me, friend Lee Jung-jae the more pleased to"

Actress Han Sunhwa this year about his activities, but table and in the next year more active to each other was.

The Korean Film Production Association work on the 'Hummingbird'..the Director is Bong Joon-ho

Academy Awards attended Park Bo-gum (2019 MAMA)

Park Bo-gum, '2019 MAMA' The Host..3 years of continuous progress

Actor Park Bo-gum this '2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards'(hereafter 'MAMA')of The Host to Paradise Point was.

Actor Park Bo-gum, this 'MAMA' Academy Awards in 3 years The Host to attend the news on who the victim believed see Park Bo-gum progression of skills once again expected.

Actor Park Bo-gum this 3 consecutive years '2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards' The Host to attend.

Actor Park Bo-gum, this 'MAMA' The Host to attend, this year is also the occasion to luminous.

Actor Jung Woo-sung, now a handsome the secret of this 'Ride South'and the sense in which the answer was sitting on my.

Jung Woo-sung, now a handsome The Secret Of revealed.

SBS 'Authentic Smoking normal Midnight'the Blue Dragon Film Awards to the scene found.

Actor Jung Woo-sung, this Academy Awards source said.

Jung Woo-sung, Blue Dragon Academy Awards the first trophy of significance

The trophy handing holding a..Jung Woo-sung, 'Close' Lee Jung-jae and celebration

Actor Jung Woo-sung this is the closest Lee Jung-jae with Awards Celebratory photo To the public.

Jung Woo-sung, Lee Jung-jae and Blue Dragon Film Awards trophy Celebratory photo "Again, the rumors besties"

Actor Jung Woo-sung, this 'Close' Lee Jung-jae and Blue Dragon Film Awards Academy Awards Awards the joy of the speaker.