Han Ji-min,'Attractive appearance'

Han Ji-min,'a Cute appearance'

Han Ji-min,'Sight-catching entrance'

Han Ji-min,'Shining Romance Beautiful looks'

Han Ji-min,'Lovely presence'

BTS Jungkook, sore body into the stage until the end Responsible "Fans around the world, or admiration"

"No Thank You" BTS, Seoul Music Awards..Best Album including 3 golds [Seoul Seoul Music Awards](comprehensive)

BTS, a new album ready.

BTS Jungkook, the World caught a face

BTS 'Also pose, a playful to'

Bae Jin Young, the first V-LIVE→1 billion 4 million hearts.."Concert Special stage is being prepared"

Kang, Daniel, 'The service is great' Academy Awards 'Heart the sniper smile' nice explosion

"Good Music as that" Wanna One, The Last Academy Awards West in a

Wanna One, this of joy!

Monsta X, this Awards..type "Birthday in the big box glory."

BTS(BTS), the price of the Best Album award~!

BTS, 'Wonderful to full of'

Wanna One Ong Seong-wu, "End station and start Station is like..Warner Cable Thank You and love you"

Wanna One Hwang Min-hyun 'Again, the Emperor-class visuals'(Golden Disc Awards)

Monsta X 'Photo nicely'