BTS, beauty, fitness center, the first 'This year's group', including 4 golds, such as ultimate(comprehensive)

12 31 termination of agreement before the group Wanna One this activity extended to continue to discuss.

Group BTS, this American popular culture and the Academy Awards in the 4 crown at climbed.

BTS is 11 days(local time) United States California Santa Monica open in the Academy Awards of the year in the group, including Song of the year('Idol') of the year, music video of('Idol'), the year of the social celebrity division winners.

Kim Hee-ae, does not change that beauty

Hand craft, 'Pretty smile'

Kim Hee-ae, a lovely hand history

Hand craft, 'Light me'

Hand craft, 'Always the pretty one'

Sandara Park, Black plus size skirt 'Giddy'

Jang Doyeon, confident walking

'유닛→켜줘와 Beautiful' Wanna One 매력 'A comprehensive gift set'

'THE'박수치는 윤지성

'THE'강다니엘,힙합 예!!

Wanna One, 언제나 워너블 사랑합니다.

MGA Academy Awards을 지켜보는 Wanna One

Wanna One 'By and energetic personnel'

Jun Hyun-moo, Wanna One - BTS choreography challenge..especially candidates for public

Lee Byung-hun, a cut with Heo Joon-ho .. 15 years ago as 'Allin'