EXO 2 first White, 'PRESENT' 9 and 10 released(official)

Japanese girl group AKB48 member Aṣa this I or Izone member, Kang Hye-won with a photo taken in public.

EXO Baekhyun solo, album, pre-order amount of 40 million take was(official)

BTS Jungkook, Departure before covering with their Hand greeting

BTS V, A Playful eyes

BTS V, to Shining Romance gorgeous visage

BTS V, nod my homework~

Seo Min-jung, beauty services BTS directly meet "Too trembling and tears day almost"

BTS V performances, well I'll see you!

BTS, Thailand with La Strada

BTS, Billboards Social 50 chart over the 115 second '# 1'

BTS, AKB48 100 for brand reputation 1 for 'Positive 90%'