Seventeen 'DOH' organizations in official photo..heart-warming 13-man visual

'EXO' first sold over Chen, today scored her "Dad was"

EXO Chen, dad was.. surprise marriage announcement in early save her

EXO Chen, 'a Surprise marriage' 3 months, 'Surprise, dad'

4 November AKB48 brand reputation, 1 for BTS and 2 for EXO and 3 for BLACKPINK

BTS AKB48 4 November in brand reputation 1, EXO 2 and BLACKPINK # 3

BTS, 4 August in the idol group brand reputation 1 for..2 for EXO ' s # 3 BLACKPINK

BTS, AKB48 100 for brand reputation 1..EXO # 2

BTS, 4 August idol brand reputation 1..EXO # 2

'EXO', The Guardian, debut 9 years after the first Gary McKinnon released the album

Xiumin(XIUMIN), Min-Suk wings off and down which have been (feat.Happy Minseok it♥)

"Chen out," the Idol and the fandom..the money and the affection of the dynamics

EXO Chen marriage announced the news in a Withdrawal request and took to the streets the fans

EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement "Blessings, come to find out"

AKB48 'EXO' Chen, marriage announcement

EXO's Chen is top idol group as a member of the pregnancy and marriage announcement at the same time one of the first cases in the entertainment industry as a record was.

BTS, 12 November the idol brand reputation 1 for..2 for EXO and 3 for MAMAMOO