'The AD dibs!' Lily Fever Izone, Wanna One of this G-market Model was

"Has" Wanna One, dazzling farewell run..without a pause run 1 year and 6 months

Kim Do-yeon 'This year more prettier with Beautiful looks'

BTS V, Happy Birthday to the world the real 1 to 7 for the occupation "A total of 47 countries # 1"

BTS V "The birthday"..the whole World super Deluxe AD from the donation line running line

Park Hae-jin, and a video circuit, the fans and the heart-warming year-end finish 'Warm'

The BTS and year-to!..'Liiv X BTS' video public

BTS, KB Kookmin Bank Model re-contract "Next year a variety of collaboration"

Park Seo-joon, the year AD account rating..the most favorite Model 1st place

Cha Eun-woo "2018 is the biggest difference? A lot of learning and growing that"

One 'Another AD, like a scene'

Recently, netizens aka 'Aimee's counterattack this is called the topic or pouring and this time the issue is how much the world of K-POP star BTS(BTS) member V of the Chinese fan club 'Baidu status type mobile'in domestic AD companies.... all communications in AD to trust from the start.

Lee Dong-wook 'The hat and The Mask, the Dutch distinct visage'

Lee Dong-wook 'Go to a handsome'

Lee Dong-wook,'Cute P!nk after party'

Lee Dong-wook 'Pale to cool off explosion'

Lee Dong-wook,'the Whiteness of skin strutting'