Kim Sae-ron, if you immerse yourself in a Beautiful looks..AD shooting of receipt

BTS Jimin debt dance craze, and Vietnam is no exception, no

Jung Woo-sung "17 years ago, AD at the scene saw Kim Hyang Gi, the first nail look"(interview)

Hyuna 'Long flight time.'

Hyuna 'Any fashion digest Hyuna'

Hyuna 'Distinctive entry to win'

Hyuna, ecstatic hand kiss

BLACKPINK, 'the Dazzling and Beautiful looks of the girls'

BLACKPINK Lisa Bonet, 'Fresh, Beautiful looks'

Hyuna, 'The instant of eye contact!'

Hyuna 'Fascinating red'

Hyuna 'Summer already~'

Hyuna 'Too fashionista'

Departure to Han Go-eun 'Shampoo AD.'

BTS V, AD making from Shining Romance piece visual