The 'Golden Disc Awards' BTS, 2 years in a row discography Seoul Music Awards '4 golds'.."Team name proud"

(Comprehensive)BTS, album Seoul Music Awards - Bonsang and popularity award Sweep..'4 crown related'

BTS, the 'Golden Disc Awards' Seoul Music Awards, including 4 golds..this year Legend

Wanna One, 'KPMA' first heroine..popular, with water up to a total of 4 golds(comprehensive)

'2018 KPMA' 4 golds Wanna One "Warner, dreaming of Happiness as a gift to"

'2018 KPMA' Wanna One, 4 medals achieve "The kindness and grateful to live."

'2018 KPMA' Wanna One 4 crown belongs to SM-JYP and YG exterior 'Fairness right?' (Comprehensive)