'16 and Pregnant 18 weeks' Bo-mi Kim, for the lovely up 'Care, and the other Beautiful looks'

EXO Chen, marriage→save her after the first official videos posted..night available you 'Hide' the cover as disclosed in

Choi Hee, the 16 and Pregnant on shining goddess of beauty.."Dream sharing time"

Announcer Choi Hee 16 and Pregnant near situation to the public.

EXO Chen, marriage announcement 3 months to save her..congratulations for The your Furious to the fans

'Scored her' Chen lie, the pail more and more with the Exiting requirements.. EXO stand hold pull up

EXO Chen 'Scored her' news.."Or not"

Yangmira, 16 and Pregnant 9 months, finishing on the body of the ship only convex

'Chen, You don't believe' scored her news on the celebration instead of including mandolin Fan center?

Idol group EXO(EXO) member Chen's score her news on the blessings pouring in, but the fans ' anger expressions give you know.

"16 and Pregnant 7 months, not him."..EXO Chen, 29, scored her→or one angry Fan center

"16 and Pregnant 7 months, not him."..EXO Chen scored her the news in some fans 'Disappointed'

EXO Chen scored her..marriage announcement 3 months 'High speed' dad was

16 and Pregnant 7 months in fact so close this business..SM Mrs. unlike dad's old EXO Chen

'EXO first sold over' Chen, marriage and 16 and Pregnant announced 3 months only to save Life 2 membrane(comprehensive)

'1 marriage announcement' EXO Chen, today(29 days) save her

EXO Chen, today (29 days) save was

Chen, today(29 days) save her..EXO's first dad was

EXO Chen, today Cheongdam Marie acid and in scoring her

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