Lee Seung-gi and drainage is the President Eun to fight against this and States that the swirling was and, thanks to viewership without hesitation, rising to a maximum application rate of 14%, and the 2049 viewership Daily full 1 spot climbed.

<p>2 days broadcast SBS ‘Vagabond’ 13 1, Part 2 viewership of if youre in the national standards, each with 10. 4%(NCR, 10. 3%)and 12. 8%(NCR 12. 6%)is recorded. In particular, the extremely General public was Kim you(Jang Hyuk with minutes)of the trial scene in a lot of interest was raised, thanks to the last in the best audience 14%in the same time period, full 1, for on was.</p><p>Advertising are of the main judgment, but the goal 2049 viewership from the ‘Vagabond’are each 4. 1%and 5. 2% was recorded. This day household audience 1 for KBS weekend drama ‘Love Is Beautiful Life is wonderful’, each record 2. 9%and 4. 0%of beyond shame, and also this day the first broadcast was MBC ‘double no’to each record had 1. 3%, 2. 1%, 1. 6%, 1. 5% and also 3 times more difference is the record. Thanks to the drama of this day broadcast terrestrial and cable, and easily entire in the 1 position willing to be.</p><p> This judge on May Day(Yun be lesson)by John B Mark detective and development that the ruling led to.</p><p>At this time, the car delivery conditions(Lee Seung-gi minutes)and to and win to savor who and Harry Kane(drainage field)is shot was from the waist the skin is really so fuzzy and me. At that moment the moon he Her Up With Beats, and every morning arrives in an ambulance and carried her off to was.</p><p>Since the media in the month of the claim the news they continue to had appeared, and Harry Kane is “a country that had a”live and pleased after the surgery unharmed and finished. Every morning Jessica and Defence Minister of night only video(the best holiday)of the inappropriate photos will be unveiled at the month the case is that she urgently arrested, that witness could.</p><p>Back to the hospital returning to the moon and conditions are Harry Kanes rehabilitation for the next in the help was the muscles for your massage that said. This Harry Kane is seemingly “the incident is addressed in more only thing-dont you?”He said to him with warmth and gratitude felt.</p><p>Meanwhile, this company in Hong simple(problems within minutes)has the President really is released towards the Yun for(Kim Min Jong)in the case of the body, driving my draw was. Also Prison, in and out Jessica she intimidated it is now more pressure to look also and to the subsequent story about the increase the interest was.</p><p> ‘Vagabond’is a civil aviation passenger plane crashed in the accident involved a man concealed the truth found in the enormous national rain to dig that drama, family and belonging, even the name is lost ‘the Wanderer(Vagabond)’s risk of hot and naked as the adventure unfolds info action melt to the oriented. Every week Friday, Saturday 10pm on SBS via broadcast.</p>

2 days broadcast SBS 'Vagabond' 13 1, Part 2 viewership of if you're in the national standards, each with 10.4%(NCR, 10.3%)and 12.8%(NCR 12.6%)to record.