Idol Producer 31 people of concept stage, etc.

Idol Producer 31 people of concept stage

★Project as a producer, X101(Mnet 5 at 11 p.m.)=up to now of the free pass to the surviving 31 members of Idol Producer into 5 different concepts of the Divine Comedy holding the stage today. Concept evaluation in each team, 1 on the right Idol Producer in his scene Votes 500 times, Full 1 accounted for a team on a 20 million mark benefits as be applied as Yes and no tension amplification were. Especially in the concept evaluation contest stage recording after finishing up the level of property exposure was evaluated in the expectations are.

Living brain in Italy Met free bag

★Beautiful month Chronicles(tvN 6, 9 PM)=no delivery to chaos to be(Song Joong-ki)is gon(Jang Dong-Gun)is confusing to make the White of the heart is often this website know that you are well branded. Free bag(Night level)is dead for American troops to chase. the living brain during the break and ran, and bags are now that the picture had been hidden and secret know how. And often the planning of eye Chan American Hall(composition)is a tan to be(Kim support)to look for blood in this film. Meanwhile is a Island(Song Joong-ki)is a dark reality in the midst of another hope to find out.

With performances to artist public

★Running Man(SBS 7, 5 p.m.)=broadcast 9 anniversary take that progress in the fan meeting stage in ‘Running Man’ members with performances each genre, the domestic top artists revealed. Members of their preferred artist to team with to bring the fierce eyes where the fight to the cartel. Art appeared unfamiliar artists is a tension with laughter and abroad, is also a music festival, it's like musicians of a surprise as the concert unfolds. Sweet voices from a variety of instrument playing skills of members of the cheers lead him.