Kim Bum Oh Yeon-seo Separation, public devotees 10 months only.. "The Lover→colleague"

Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo, devotees acknowledged within 10 months 'Separation'

Oh Yeon-seo, Fan center low price 4 species Self 'Only the edges of her visual'

Shin Se-kyung 'Clear and transparent, Beautiful looks'

Shin Se-kyung 'Pretty face pretty smile'

Shin Se-kyung, seasoned Her Airport fashion

Shin Se-kyung 'Pretty. pretty clean'

Shin Se-kyung 'For example joy'

Shin Se-kyung 'In the face half sunglasses'

Shin Se-kyung 'Blue Spring Company'

'Little face lips always just'..Shin Se-kyung, clearly painted lip line

Shin Se-kyung, 'Departure preparation tips'

Shin Se-kyung 'Black table and lovely~'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Departure time is sunglasses'

Shin Se-kyung, 'As an exploding Hand greeting'

Shin Se-kyung 'Cute tongue owl carefully'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Airport fashion, sunglasses are essential'

Shin Se-kyung 'Eyes your beauty'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Hong Kong on my way.'

Shin Se-kyung, and Hong Kong with a light gait

Shin Se-kyung 'Good rate'

Shin Se-kyung, 'People as well as move the footsteps'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Hong Kong with La Strada'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Desirable Airport fashion sense'

Shin Se-kyung, eyes only backkom~

Shin Se-kyung, 'Loving hearts'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Hearts lovingly'

Shin Se-kyung 'Sweet eyes, perfect'

Shin Se-kyung, 'We like to head over and'

Shin Se-kyung, now Skip to Hana Hana~????

Shin Se-kyung, Hand greeting Road beautifully

Shin Se-kyung,pure fun, full of Departure the way

Shin Se-kyung 'Fancy some green Airport fashion'

Shin Se-kyung,sunglasses perfect Airport fashion

Shin Se-kyung 'The wind made photoshoot'

Shin Se-kyung, Frankfurt Airport appeared Goddess

Shin Se-kyung,side as to

Shin Se-kyung, 'A lovely Departure way'

Shin Se-kyung 'Coat's sword, and'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Refreshing Mini to to'

Shin Se-kyung 'Head only write to the screen information'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Hong Kong will be back soon.~'