Group BTS this comeback and at the same time 'Gashina (Live/2017)' s 1 ranked.

Beauty and the biker this is Japan up to the occupation..BTS, Oricon Chart # 1

BTS→BLACKPINK, Billboards in K-pop a new history to write.

BTS, 'FAKE LOVE' Music Video 5 billion, but the 'DNA' 7 billion, but topped

BTS 'Small' whole world shook.

BTS 'Little things for', Sports Korean singer best record

BTS comeback-fold change.'FAKE LOVE' MV 5 billion I+'DNA' 7 billion, but topped

BTS 'FAKE LOVE' MV 5 billion I→'DNA' 7 billion, but topped 'The comeback-fold change'

BTS press BTS, beauty Sports 3 for

Seo Min-jung, BTS X not impressed with "The star also Pan city special"

BTS, Sports 3. Korea singer best record