Song Hye-kyo in the back, pool in The Shining Romance Beautiful looks 'Close shot fear'

Son Dam-bi, AD shooting scene Public ... crisp visage Snowy Road

Yoon Ji-sung, the day right is very close to Self "Holidays well spent."

Dragon Sports naked, Yeo Jin-goo, with a sweet smile 'Women's low price'

"Still refreshing"..Hwang Jung-eum, Sorn Beautiful looks

Lai Kuan-lin, a handsome continuation of the

"Soon Gigi"..Park Jihoon, wink of loveliness

Lee Seung-gi, diffused by the snow and the atmosphere

Girl's Day Sojin, cosmetics face, with all the corn for the day

Refinery, still lovely in 'Gorgeous, Beautiful looks'

Jeon So-mi, maturity means access to the 'Bright smile'